Mishustin said stabilization of the situation with coronavirus in Russia, COVID-19 found three subtypes, while Turkey opens its borders.

In Russia for the last day 8764 new cases of infection with coronavirus in 84 regions, said operational headquarters on the situation COVID-19. The total number of detected cases of coronavirus has reached 308 705.

Died in the last day 135 people, the total death toll has reached 2972. Recovered 9262 person, all the time — 85 392. First, the number recovered per day number tarasevicha.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin suggests that Russia enters the peak load on healthcare system. In his opinion, the situation with coronavirus stabiliziruemost, and . Mishustin also reported that in Russia for the first time registered an increase in the number of cases COVID-19 below 3%.

Head of the Department of Microbiology, Virology, immunology sechenovskiy University Vitaly Zverev said, . According to him, COVID-19 got into the human population navsegda.

Molecular biologists analyzed the genomes of thousands of strains of SARS-CoV-2 and came to the conclusion that the virus was divided into three separate lines, each with its own set of mutations in key genes. And if the first two subtypes experts previously wrote about the third video .

The number of registered unemployed Russians during non-working days , said Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova at the government hour in the Federation Council.

the labour Minister Anton Kotkov in the air “First channel” cited similar statistics. According to forecasts of the Ministry, the number of unemployed will continue to grow throughout may and yuna.

Turkey may 20 opens its borders to citizens of 31 countries, including the Russians. However, for a start, foreigners in Turkey will only be available medical care, but not a beach holiday. The Russians are only when their borders open Russia.

Despite all the restrictions, representatives of the Russian tourist�� industry took the news positive.

Pandemic just a few months has completely changed the world. Who would have thought during the Christmas fairs and new year’s hype, what’s in store will be accessible only after the temperature measurement. Now in Rome it is almost no surprise. mankind in postcoronary epohu?

The Central Bank of Venezuela has filed a lawsuit against the Bank of England to immediately give stored his bars from Venezuelan . Venezuelan authorities say they want to spend these funds for the fight against coronaviruses.

this is evidenced by the data portal FlightRadar. hosted on the network map with the route of the aircraft is seen the crew . the Incident was recorded near the village of sydorivka in the Kolyvan district of Novosibirsk oblast.

According to the newspaper “the Tula news”, the nurse of infectious hospital of the Tula regional clinical hospital not wearing clothes as a protective form of her very hot. The girl did not realize that .

Regional Ministry of health has applied to it a “disciplinary penalty in the form of comments.”