the Most likely candidate from the US Democratic party in the upcoming elections, former Vice President Joe Biden should learn from the mistakes made by the main rival of the incumbent us leader Donald trump Hillary Clinton in the election campaign of 2016. This policy encouraged his aides, according to CNN.

According to experts from the headquarters Biden, many of whom worked with Clinton in 2016, one of the main mistakes made by rival trump’s, was the fact that it is too much time devoted to stories about why trump would make a bad President, accusing him of racism, sexism and lack of competence and too little said about why she is the best candidate for the presidency.

additionally, Clinton’s campaign was based on the continuation of the work conducted as President Barack Obama. Trump, by contrast, promoted himself as the candidate who can offer a change that played into his hands. Under current conditions, Biden should use the tactics of trump and offer yourself as the person who can provide US a change, stepping down from the chaotic policies of the incumbent President, according to aides potential democratic nominee.

Another mistake Clinton became her reluctance to interact with the media. According to one of the former advisers of the policy, it should communicate with the press in two-three times more often than she did. In particular, Clinton was worth more to answer all the attacks on her by trump, while she preferred to respond to the charges only after they have received wide publicity in the media. Trump, on the other hand, used every opportunity to be at the centre of media attention, using primarily social media. Biden is now in danger of repeating the mistakes of the Clinton, also avoiding speaking with journalists, noted in his headquarters. “I don’t think it would be crazy if he held more press-conference remotely,” said ex-Advisor Clinton.

Also, Biden’s advisers are afraid that thanks to the efforts of trump will be perceived solely as the candidate of the political establishment, the most detached from ordinary Americans, like Clinton at the time. At the same time, according to them, the former Vice President is in a much better position compared to the previous candidates of the democratic party: if Clinton would only speak about a hypothetical negative impact of trump on the situation in the country, Biden in their speeches can handle a fait accompli, pointing to the real policy failures of the current po��President. It’s on the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus in the United States and the inability of the current authorities to stop the epidemic.

Previously an employee of the election headquarters of the trump in the previous elections in his column for The Hill noted, Biden is unlikely to repeat the success of Obama in the fight for the presidency, as is actually a puppet of the American political establishment.