the Corona-virus has ravaged Italy, where it has gone beyond the Juventus star Paulo Dybala and his girlfriend, Oriana Sabatini, both of whom have been infected with the covid-19.

But the argentine actress, model and singer has been out for a corona-mystery.

For three days after being tested negative, she was tested positive again. It writes The Sun.

Now send the young star a warning out.

“Take a test more to be 100% sure that you are negative,” says the 23-year-old Oriana Sabatini.

Her and her boyfriend Paulo Dybala was tested positive 21. march, which amazes Sabatini, as the pair feel healthy again, and is gone so long.

She assures, moreover, that the couple keeps themselves inside the house under the current circumstances, and hope that her experiences with the corona-virus can help others.

“I will definitely not make anyone uneasy, the virus spreads around the earth, but maybe my experience can help someone and reassure it, as watching people become healthy among all these deaths,” says Sabatini.