Musician and General producer of TV channel RTVI Sergey Shnurov wrote a poem about the strike on the Belarusian enterprise "BelAZ".

In Instagram he posted a video with a crowd of workers "BelAZ" who chant the slogan "go!".

"All the problems out of the climbs, if twenty years have not solved. The strike, now at BelAZ. Lukashenka’s support is great!" – wrote Cords.

Earlier local media reported that the staff "BelAZ" went on strike. The company denied reports that members staged a labor strike.

Election of the President of Belarus passed on August 9. After the polls closed in several cities of the country began protests against electoral fraud, in which police used against the demonstrators with tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets.

The protesters demanded a recount of the voting results, the release of political prison