This was reported by the press service of the zoo.

“the Baby vicuna only a few days – he was born on August 10, in the Centre of reproduction of rare species of animals of the Moscow zoo. Just half an hour the cub, as the lump lying next to her mother, going with the spirit, and then got up and ran for older relatives”, – stated in the message.

According to the Director of the Moscow zoo Svetlana Akulova, which quoted the press service, the delivery was good, the help of the zoo staff was not required.

“All happened during the day, but my mom didn’t even hide. She licked the baby and began to nurse. On the first day of the centre’s staff examined the cub and found that it is absolutely healthy. Now the baby eats well and tied both runs for his mother,” – said Akulov.

As recalled in the press service of the Moscow zoo participates in a program for the conservation of rare vicunas.

“Dad of a baby brought back from the Czech Republic, and my mother was born in Central, she’s 10 years old, and this is not the first of her offspring. In nature vicuna live in harem groups. The center also created a group of one male and several females. At the time of birth of a male push as sometimes it may be aggressive towards the new member of the group, including the baby. The other females took the newborn baby. Zoologists tell us that it is sometimes difficult in the conditions of the zoo to organize a group of harem, because the male may not accept one of the females or the females need time to bond with each other. But in our center of reproduction, all was well, the animals have been living together and get along well among themselves. Vicuna are fed a special feed, fresh grass, branches, hay, as treats they are given carrots and beets. From vicunas happened Alpaca, which was domesticated. Vicuna is listed in the Red book of the International Union for conservation of nature,” – said at the Moscow zoo.