the Lawyer of the convicted in the US on charges of fraud Russian programmer Stanislaus Lisova Arkady Bukh said that the young man had served his sentence and is currently preparing to fly to Russia.

According to human rights, it is not clear, go together with his / her client in Russia the agent of U.S. law enforcement agencies, as is usually done when the deportation after serving his sentence, because in spite of the fact that the Russian was serving his sentence, he will formally remain under arrest until the moment of transfer to the Russian authorities.

“Good work was done by the Russian Embassy,… they are all perfectly coordinated…. Through the joint efforts of Stanislaw had to stay in immigration jail pending deportation only several day is several months… Lucky with the immigration officer, he was very helpful, played up to it as soon as possible sent… We said goodbye and lisovy at the airport, aircraft should fly until 6 o’clock in the evening,” said Buch, whose words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

Recall that foxes were detained in Spain in January 2017 at the request of the FBI, in January 2018, he was deported to the United States, and in November 2019 the court in new York sentenced programmer to a fine of about $500 thousand dollars and four years of imprisonment, allowing you to count the period of detention.