the Authorities of the state of new York has ordered that the police included wearable DVR every time will leave the official car during a patrol. It is anticipated that this innovation will help to improve the control over the work of law enforcement and especially in the course of their contacts with the population.

the video will be recorded all contacts of police, as well as all cases of use of force, arrests, searches of people or property, investigative activities with mentally unstable people, reports RIA Novosti.

Records need to be stored (though not clarified the retention period for this information), and in the case of COP weapons with subsequent injury or death of a detainee, this video should be made public within a month.

All these measures – the result of mass clashes with police after the incident, which resulted in the death of a black African American George Floyd. After the incident delayed his officers went on trial, and in most cities in the United States was an illegal choke, which the victim had suffocated.