Coming this summer, Russia is facing the collapse of various natural disasters, and they can affect all regions of the country without exception. This forecast was made a member of the Main geophysical Observatory im. Voeikov, a climatologist Andrey Kiselev.

According to him, now the climate trend is that the number of natural disasters in Russia will increase. This is confirmed by data of Rosstat and world insurance agencies.

“somewhere there will be drought somewhere, on the contrary, heavy rains. Wind loads, tend to grow — there will be all sorts of tornadoes, hurricanes,” said Kiselev edition

Predict where to expect the most devastating blows of nature, is almost impossible, as they are local and of short duration, said the climatologist. As for the weather next summer, it is likely that there will be continued trend. In recent years, the summer in Russia was hot, this time should expect the same.

the company Informed its weather forecasts for the summer gave the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

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