the head of the chamber of Commerce and industry of Russia Sergei Katyrin spoke about the measures that could stabilize the labor market against the background of the coronavirus. In particular, he proposed to reduce personal income tax from 13% to 6.5%.

Katyrin in an interview with RIA Novosti gave a few suggestions, which complement previously nominated by President Vladimir Putin measures to support the Russian economy.

the Chairman believes that the main tax for the Russians should be halved. According to Katyrin, the rate of personal income tax (tax on income of physical persons) should be reduced from 13 to 6.5 percent.

Another solution should be to reduce insurance premiums for private small and medium enterprises to 5% (previously it was reduced from 30 to 15 percent). The privilege can expect the company increasing the number of employees, and providing formal reports on work.

Another measure of support for the concerns sent on forced leave employees on the background of falling turnover more than doubled. Kadyrov offered to pay them at state expense fixed allowance of 50-80 percent of the average salary over the last six months.

the Chairman said that at the time of a pandemic should not be allowed to increase the financial burden on business as this is able to nullify the entire offer.