the CPS recommended that schools change the learning mode after the quarantine.

Russian school after the opening will work in the new mode due coronavirus. It is reported TASS with reference to the recommendations of the CPS.

“the Treatment of the working surfaces, floors, door handles, buildings, kitchens, furniture, bathrooms, valves, taps, descent cisterns of toilet bowls”, — enumerated in the document.

changes and the schedule start time of the first lesson for different classes must vary in order to “divide” a group of students. The same applies to the time of the change.

every class must be assigned to the training room. “To secure for each class (group) training premises, organizing the subject training and stay in a strictly fixed place”, — said the Agency.

it is also Recommended to reduce the possible number of students in the same class and mixing in extended-day groups. Prohibited the holding of mass events in educational institutions.

in addition, each morning, school staff, students and parents will measure the temperature. At the entrance of the building will install dispensers with antiseptics. Finally, exercise, the CPS recommends that “given the weather conditions” to move to the open air. “Use open sports ground for physical training, reducing the number of classes in the gym,” — proposed in the recommendations.

Deputy Minister of education Dmitry Glushko informed assured that the situation with the spread of the coronavirus in Russia will not lead to the fact that pupils of graduation classes will be retained in the second year.

He noted that a student may repeat a year only in accordance with the regulations, that is, if “do not execute the program he is studying, will get a lot of bad marks”. “The situation [with the epidemic of coronavirus] does not in any way can lead to the fact that the mass will remain at the second year students of ninth and eleventh grades,” said the official.

Glushko pointed out that the Ministry is making every effort that the students did not study in summer. However, do not exclude such possibility in the case of the deterioration of the epidemiological situation. According to the Deputy Minister, before the Ministry has the task in a timely manner to finish the school year.

the Deputy Minister drew attention that the situation depends on the spread of coronavirus infection in the country, and also on how to consciously manifest themselves citizens and whether they respect the isolation.

14 March, the Russian Ministry of education recommended that the region temporarily take the education of students in the remote mode. These recommendations wouldthis in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, a new type. Four days later, the Minister said at a meeting of the working group in support of regional education systems that spring break is transferred to schools from March 23 to April 12.

In Moscow, for example, from may 18, students will be able to visit online classes at will. “The lessons will be held in the format of online-consultation without homework or grades”, — stated in the message. Evaluation of the year teachers need to put may 15.