In the promising market of grocery shopping, which, according to experts, will grow up to 2020 up to 135 billion rubles., there is a new player. Logistics operator Pony Express will deliver products from grocery stores and pharmacies. The pilot project will be implemented jointly with the retailer “Magnit” in Rostov-on-don and Volgograd. Such a scheme may adversely affect the work of the shop, the experts warn.That logistics company Pony Express will deliver products from the stores of the grocery chain Magnit, Kommersant was told in the press service of the retailer. The pilot will take place on the basis of five supermarkets in Rostov-on-don and Volgograd on 13 hypermarkets; total for delivery will be available about 6 thousand names of products, according to the company. In a press-service of the Pony Express said that in the future the project will be connected and other grocery chains.The list of available items posted on a special website of the Pony Express. After ordering, the operators of the call center of the logistics company will send it to the retailers, whose employees will be engaged in its formation. The General Director of “Infoline-Analytics” Mikhail Burmistrov calls such a scheme for the Assembly of orders weak point: probably this will become an additional burden to the existing staff of the retailer that could affect the quality of work in the store. In addition, employees of “Magnet” probably will try to get rid of the goods with expiring shelf life, shaping such orders, experts fear. “During the testing phase and in the spread of the virus, it is expected that the delivery time will not exceed two hours”,— expect, the press service of “Magnet”.Meanwhile, to enter a new market, a logistics operator made good time, believes Mikhail Burmistrov. On testing the project will require minimal investment and the cost of website creation and marketing, the rest will be arranged on already existing infrastructure, he said.””Magnit”, which is a segment of online Commerce is only in its infancy, has attracted a new team for the development of e-commerce and will now look for and use all available options to do this,” recalls Mr. Burmistrov.This week it became known that the network “Magnet” attracted just the five top managers of the clothing marketplace Lamoda, headed by co-founder and now former CEO Florian Jansen. He took the position of Executive Director and became one of three Deputy head of “Magnet” by Jan Dunning. A new team needs to engage in “digital transformation” is just the retailer.Due to the restrictive measures of the pandemic virus COVID-19, the Russian market of Express delivery of products (within hours) by the end of 2020 will increase to 135 billion with 40 m��rd RUB predicts “Infoline-Analytics”. In the first quarter, the highest turnover of online orders in this category have demonstrated ozone — 6,1 billion rubles with growth by 170% over the same period last year. The greatest growth was “Carmarket” (formerly Instamart), whose turnover has increased by 500%, from 260 million to 1.49 billion. According to “Infoline-Analysts” for the year 2020 95% of the market, along with “Yandex.Shop” and “Scooter” will be shared by X5 Retail Group and “Coswell”. In the future, the segment will continue to grow dynamically, including outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg, primarily in cities, analysts predict.Nikita Sharenkov