Today, medical inspections and prophylactic medical examination became available again for the adult population of Russia, except for citizens aged 65 years and older and persons at risk of having chronic disease of respiratory, cardiovascular and endocrine systems. They will be able to pass medical examinations only after the complete removal of restrictions and elimination of proliferation risks coronavirus infection.

In the past year preventive examinations passed more than half of the population. And this is important, because prophylactic medical examination allows to detect the disease at an early stage, when a person does not feel any symptoms of illness. With about a third of the insured in OMS will pass medical examinations regularly and is now in need of constant medical treatment, – underlined in the message of VSS. In addition, as polls show, the Russians often behave irresponsibly in relation to their health: they can disrupt the advice of doctors, not observing regularity in taking medicines and also to keep bad habits. “Less than half of Russians take all medication prescribed by the doctor,” – said in VSS.

In the presidential Decree on the national development of the Russian Federation till 2030, Vladimir Putin instructed to increase life expectancy to 78 years.

At the moment, according to Rosstat, the average life expectancy in Russia for men is 67.5 years, and women 77.4 years. That is, men continue to live with us on average ten years less than women.

“Men are less time and attention to their health, – says the head of the organization OMS medical insurance company Natalia Kapitonova. – Of the total number of the attendees, men make up only 40 percent. While the main goal of prophylactic medical examination and preventive care. For example, many cancer cases are diagnosed too late. Every year in Russia is fixed about 480 thousand new cases of cancer and dies – more than 280 thousand cases. Or, for example, diabetes. The disease develops slowly in the initial stage the symptoms are barely noticeable and people are not in a hurry to go to the doctors. Thanks to the wide information coverage of the population by the representatives of the insurance medical organizations in the past 2019, the number of newly established diagnoses of diabetes mellitus in Russia increased by 27 percent in comparison with indicators of 2010”.

Regular prophylactic medical examination allows to timely detect chronic disease and to direct the patient to outpatient observation the attending physician. This will allow time to find an effective treatment and prevent the progression of existing or appearance of new disease – notes e��stuffy.

“the medical Examination is performed to patients free of charge under policy OMS. In addition, the process of passing of medical examination for 2019 is more convenient: it is possible to pass not only in the workplace but also in the evening after 18.00, and on Saturdays. expands the list of surveys – for example, last year in the clinical examination included oncoming,” adds Vice-President of VSS Dmitry Kuznetsov, .

One of the responsibilities of insurance companies is to remind people of the need for screening, and they do it in different ways: sending SMS messages, for example. And if earlier such a reminder they were doing every quarter, but now – every month.

“If a patient comes to the doctor, the insurance representative must inform it again and contact them for their reasons. In addition, patients who are on observation on the results of the examination, inform the insurance representatives about the need to come to the doctor is mandatory”, – noted in VSS.

the Examination is held in two stages. The first stage of the survey is necessary in order to identify signs of chronic non-communicable diseases and risk of their development. If it turns out. That the patient needs a more thorough examination, the physician sends it to the second stage, which involves consultation of narrow specialists and clarification of diagnosis.

· Patients must enroll in the clinic, selecting a specific time and day. The service is available on a Single portal of public services, the website of the medical organization and other remote services. You can enroll over the phone.

· optionally, it is possible to organize a “comprehensive record” (one day for a visit to several specialists).

· Passing of medical examination of a patient who underwent COVID-19, valid only in the absence of symptoms and the presence of two negative results of laboratory studies of biological material with an interval of not less than 1 day.

· When visit the clinic observe social distance of 1.5 meters, the wearing of masks and the passage of the thermometer. You just need to bring your passport and medical insurance.

· To pass the examination it is advisable to come to the clinic in the morning, on an empty stomach, before any physical activity, including morning exercises.

· the medical organizations shall be provided with separate flows of visitors seeking to undergo preventive measures, including using separate entrances to the building, bypassing the front Desk.

IMPORTANT! In case of detection of patients with increased body temperature, administration of medical organizations, measures will be taken for his isolation in accordance with the operational plan p��richnih anti-epidemic measures while identifying of a patient with suspected coronavirus infection.