Most Russians are gone from work due to the fact that they do not raise wages. About it they said the survey conducted by the service selection staff

“the Main reason for the dismissal 31% of respondents cited the unwillingness of the employer to increase wages of employees. Another 15% of respondents reported burnout and stress at work, and 13% lack of career growth”, – quotes the results of a survey of the RIA Novosti news Agency.

10% of respondents are willing to quit because they are tired too long to commute to work and want to find something closer to home. For 7% compelling reason for the dismissal may be the desire to spend more time with family. 4% of respondents are willing to change jobs, as the staff often there are conflicts.

But when it comes to applying for a new job, more than half of respondents (54%), want to get not only a decent salary, but also a convenient work schedule. For 44% of the respondents it is important that the path from home to work was the most convenient. 36% said the company should be reliable. 34% of significant positive feedback from employees about the work, and 31% – training opportunities and career growth. 17% of respondents still admitted that the most important thing for them at the new place of work is higher than before the salary. 10% of survey participants noted the importance of the benefits that the company provides to its employees.