According to General Director of state Corporation “Rosnano” Anatoly Chubais, in the past few days, Russia could reach a plateau by the coronavirus. This opinion he expressed in an interview with Forbes.

“If that is so, if the doctors confirm it in the next week, it means that the duration of the plateau ranges from three weeks to one and a half months is a rough plateau,” said Chubais. Given this, he continued, the number of cases should go down in the middle of June.

the Politician said that the demand for the test system will be at a high level and after reaching the plateau. “Now, “Rosnano” has developed two different test systems: one for laboratory tests and another for testing in areas with large concentrations of people. These systems are in the final stages of production,” he said.

According to him, the amount of antibodies infection among Russians will continue to gradually gain. However, its rapid accumulation caused a sharp peak incidence in the country is not observed. In this scenario, the health system would be overwhelmed. “We didn’t get to this peak, and the glory of God. The catastrophic situation was avoided,” he said Chubais. The main measures were a timely closure of the borders with China and the imposition of sanitary restrictions in Moscow, the head of the company.