Darya Donskova and Andrei Kolesnikov

the Only journalist who was given the privilege to publish on the front pages of the newspaper “Kommersant” plays, odes, and sometimes friendly humorous anecdotes from the life of Vladimir Putin — 53-year — old Andrei Kolesnikov, today, forgetting about the President was sworn to his sweetheart, — 28-summer Darya Donskovoy. The first presidential pool journalist, organized the ceremony in line with its status: the Registrar was the main (of course, Griboedov), and the guests, though few in number — were high-status and influential.

the Unofficial statement of the ceremony was the main society couple of Moscow (and frankly, not so much secular, how much of the so-called power couple) — Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov. Documenting every step of the spouses, they are touching and enduring (if not annoying!) tenderness to each other was remembering a private ceremony that occurred at this place about a year ago.

Darya Donskova and Andrei Kolesnikov

Konstantin Bogomolov, Darya Donskova, Andrei Kolesnikov and Ksenia Sobchak

Darya Donskova

the Ceremonies event friendly made welcome Mikhail Kusnirovich, and the role of his approached responsibly: accompanied the couple from the painting to the champagne, to subdue and bureaucratic entourage and insidious sabrage. Drank simply and effectively — on the street.
the bride’s Dress was traditional, luxury and noble, like everything that selects for its customers the bourgeois retailer Bosco, who Muscovites with Western brands in that turbulent 1998. br>professional Feels my heart that the dress is also from the same store, — said Ksenia Sobchak, a full-fledged Ambassador for the Bridal line of Bosco.

Our professional heart melted from the sincerity of the many stories associated with instagram leading — only the callous could suspect her in the commercial calculation.

Darya Donskova and Andrei Kolesnikov

it is Worth noting that Andrey matched elegant bride. In order to emphasize the solemnity of the moment he boldly francoual jacket Etro, making competition the most Leonid Parfyonov, a famous fan of the brand. I think the age difference (a quarter of a century!) noticeably rejuvenated journalist. So waiting for new playful political genres, and sincerely wish the couple a long life together.


Darya Donskova, Andrei Kolesnikov and Mikhail Kusnirovich

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