The revelation of a campaign that seeks to persuade leftist Americans to park their progressive reservations about Joe Biden and vote for him in an all-out bid to block Donald Trump’s reelection has perplexed many Dems online.

The campaign called“Settle for Biden” appears to have launched in May, based on when they started their social media accounts and website, but was revealed more widely online in a tweet on Tuesday by a skeptical Twitter user. The group describes itself as a “grassroots” organization comprised “primarily” of former Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren supporters.

Listen to Liz — #settleforbiden!

Публикация от Settle for Biden (@settleforbiden) 21 Июл 2020 в 2:40 PDT

According to its website, Settle for Biden believes that the former vice president is running on “the most progressive platform in American history.”

Leftist Twitter seemed to be having none of it, though, and even the author of the tweet that brought the campaign to the attention of the wider public called it a “self-parody.” Moreover, some commenters pointed out that the overt demand to ‘settle’ for Biden is, in itself, “saying the quiet part loudly” about the Democrat’s policies.

They said the quiet part loudly 🙂

One jokester proposed “Biden the bullet” as a stronger slogan for the campaign, while another underscored the seemingly lackluster energy behind the Settle for Biden campaign.

Same energy.Inspiring really.

Many people, though, simply could not believe that the campaign is real.

Please tell me that’s not real.

Some, however, respected that the campaign was “being forthright” and “gave it points for being honest.”

Since progressive Democratic presidential candidate Sanders failed to secure the party’s nomination for the 2020 election, many of his supporters have been frank in their disappointment in seeing Biden as the presumptive nominee. Sanders has been trying to combat the lack of enthusiasm for Biden by giving him lengthy endorsements, and even saying that he would be the most progressive president since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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