At the time, as parents of children up to 16 years of trying to beg the state for the third allowance of 10 thousand in August, the legal representative of 16-17-year-olds want to get at least some benefits. The headquarters of the municipal Deputy Yulia liovochkina Alaminos appealed to the Supreme court with a class action from parents of children overboard “coronavirus” benefits.

around the benefits of 10 thousand children, which the President has given family in June and July, breaks out stronger and stronger. Parents of 16-17-year-olds increasingly resent that they were unjustly passed over for payouts.

According to Rosstat at the beginning of January 2020 the number of teenagers aged 16 to 18 years old accounted for 2.9 million people. That’s the number of guys left behind “coronavirus” benefits.

“Most Teens this age are in school and can not work, and spend money on them have even more than younger children,” that’s the main argument for the appointment allowance from deprived adults.

the lawsuit about the illegality of the refusal to pay benefits to older children was filed on July 10, however, the collection of signatures is still ongoing. The plaintiffs are ready to go to the European court, in case if you can’t get justice in Russian courts.

“With the intention to support families with children, illegally and unjustly deprived families with children from 16 to 18 years of state support during a pandemic, especially given that at this age children need a greater volume of food compared to younger children, adult clothing dimensions, necessary expenses to prepare for GIA and the exam” – so argue its position, the authors claim.

Also, the plaintiffs emphasize that the decree of the President, in their opinion, violates international law, the Convention on the rights of the child and is contrary to Putin’s concept of demographic policy of Russia until 2025. Meanwhile, the number of Russian regions independently appointed payments to teenagers who are missing Federal aid. So, in the Crimea 16-17 year old guys got 10 thousand rubles, in the Republic of Kalmykia – 5 thousand, and in Sevastopol, Tver and Kursk oblast and the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous region – 3 thousand.

In Council of Federation after many appeals and petitions of parents generally supported the feasibility of granting the benefit to all minors at the Federal level, but with the caveat, “if resources allow”. At this until everything was quiet.

will the appeal to the Supreme court to achieve purpose of benefits to all minors, we found out from the lawyer Anna Filatova. “Of course, no real legal perspectives of this claim no. It is, rather, the action is to attract attention to this problem, – said Filatov. – In General, global principles of child PRdelaetsa to 15 years, 16 can already work. Similar to the explanation given in the Ministry of labour regarding the payment of benefits this group of benefits.

in addition, the number of children aged 16-18 years, in particular, those whose parents lost their jobs in a pandemic, receive benefits from the state.

in addition, some regions, its decision has appointed payments to children of this age. In this context, to really talk about what the President’s actions in the context of the purpose of this benefit violates the rights of adolescents of 16-17 years in the country, of course, is not necessary.

From a legal point of view there is some discrepancy between the presidential decree and the procedure for the calculation of benefits from the point of view of the exact age of the children, which it should. So, the Decree States that the payment is charged to all children who turn 16 years old before July 1, 2020. In reality, it is given to those who are born not earlier than 11 may 2020. Logically it would then pay to the court on this issue.”