Children up to 6 years can be the most dangerous distributors of coronavirus. To such conclusion scientists from the German research centre for infections.

As found by a team of scientists from Germany, great Britain and Norway, have infected with a coronavirus of people of all generations in almost the same number of particles of the pathogen in biological fluids. Third media to of 6 can transmit the disease to others, among adults it “can” almost half.

However, preschoolers are not disciplined tend to wear masks not to touch your face and wash hands regularly. In addition, children often play on the floor and often “taste” different things. The situation is further complicated by the fact that sick kids are often asymptomatic, the researchers note. The combination of all these factors forced the researchers to refer children to the most dangerous categories of distributors of the virus.

to give an adequate prediction of whether to expect an increase in the number of cases of infection after the forthcoming opening of the kindergartens require serious work to risk management defining the justification and forms of quarantine, explained “news” the head of group integrated bioanalytical systems Institute X-BIO TSU Dmitry Andreev.

“Also, you need to associate the quarantine measures with a time frame other ways to counter a biological threat. After all, if the child caught — ill or infected with HIV — the in my opinion opinion, will inevitably get sick and are all vulnerable to the virus co-resident family members,” he said.

Scientists remind us: at the slightest sign of illness should immediately go to the doctor and wear a mask on the child and family members.