“Hard to say, 1/4, 1/3 or half-way we passed, but certainly not yet reached its peak. This is due to failure by citizens of self-isolation. The more breaches of quarantine measures, the more diagnosed cases COVID-19, more hospitalizations, more patients required mechanical ventilation and, accordingly, we see more and more new cases of death associated with novel coronavirus infection”, – quotes its words a press-service of the Ministry of health.

Avdeev does not exclude that from-for numerous infringements of a mode of isolation, the situation may go in the negative scenario. In this case, in his opinion, we have to go through the problem faced by Spain and Italy. “Imagine that the entire health care system is facing such a challenge, when physical resources are exhausted – no frame, material, no equipment, including ventilators, no places in hospitals and intensive care units. Probably no one wants to wish for such a situation,” he said.

the Main pulmonologist again urged citizens to stay home, keep your distance with other people in public places, be sure to wear a mask, wash hands. Avdeev also encouraged to devote time to physical exercise. “Yes, we are all with you today at home, but physical activity should continue. A certain number of steps we have to pass, don’t really have to go out into the woods, can these same steps and to go home,” he concluded, noting that the difficult situation will end sooner or later.