Physicians are reminded that we must be careful, excessive abiding on the sun in terms of lifting the restrictive measures in connection with the coronavirus. As this may lead to the development of malignant processes in the body. As you know, under the action of ultraviolet rays can develop various dangerous skin diseases. One of the most insidious – melanoma, associated with degeneration of moles.

– Some people have dozens of moles all over my body and they are all absolutely harmless. But melanoma can also occur on the human body even without a single mole, – said the Chief oncologist of Ministry of health of Russia, academician, honored doctor of the Russian Federation Andrey Kaprin.

Special vigilance should be exercised with the appearance of new moles, especially in old age. About malignant degeneration is evidenced by such characteristics as rapid growth of moles, color changes, shape. A bad sign if a nevus discomfort: itching or bleeding. In such situations, it is necessary to make an appointment to see a doctor.

Treatment begins only after a thorough diagnosis. In the process sets the shape and size of the education, location, age of occurrence and other characteristics. Dermatoscopic examination is conducted using various automated systems. In addition, the examination may include an assessment of the next to the tumor of the lymph nodes depending on the location of melanoma, abdominal ultrasound, retroperitoneal x-ray (or CT scan) of the chest. Optionally, additionally performed magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and blood tests.