“Iodine is essential for synthesis of thyroid hormones. Its lack leads to its increase (the emergence of the so-called endemic goiter). But before that happens, it will take time. But poor memory, lowered intelligence and lack of vitality will manifest itself immediately,” doctors say.

If it is difficult to learn a poem or memorize the phone number, it just complicates life. But if iodine is not sufficient in the body of the mother, the consequences can be more serious: the child will suffer visual memory, is not developed speech.

On a more serious pathologies told the chief of Department of endocrinology, Tyumen OKB №2 Natalia Romanova. For example, diffuse toxic goiter (or Goitre). Since thyroid hormones have many physiological functions, the illness can manifest itself in different ways.

“If someone many years of not going to the doctor, ignoring the bad feeling so much, or miss the medication such patients are at risk to be in the hospital, experiencing all the manifestations of the disease ranging from weight loss, sweating and headaches to serious heart rhythm disorders, blindness and mental disorders,” says the doctor.

the Most severe manifestation of diffuse goiter that threaten human life, it is thyrotoxic crisis: it occurs when blood is ejected at the same time a huge amount of thyroid hormones. Without medical help, the patient may fall into a coma and die.

At the same time, experts say, to protect your body is very simple: to replace the kitchen ordinary iodized salt to five grams per day is enough to support thyroid function.

If this salt is not like it (many people do not like its taste and smell), you can include in your diet foods rich in iodine. For example, seaweed, cod liver oil, persimmon and buckwheat. Suitable and apples, seafood, potatoes, spinach, sorrel, cheese – they iodine less, but also sufficient.