The number of women who decided to marry with a companion at the age of 55-59 years, is on average 15 thousand a year — these are the data for the last nine years. Late marriage is most prevalent among residents of Moscow — in the capital over the last year, brides were 1363 women of the specified age category. After the capital is Moscow (1084 “age” of the bride for 2019) and Saint Petersburg (802 women). Less often ladies agree to a wedding at a Mature age in the Nenets Autonomous district to 4 persons per year.

Clinical psychologist Valentin Denisov-Melnikov believes that women marry after 55 years, the fear of loneliness and needing the support of their working relationship are reduced or eliminated after retirement, children grow up and concentrate on my personal life, social activity slows down.

“In 55-59 women very rarely divorce to marry again. At this age they are quite conservative and prefer to maintain the relationships that they have. Usually in the fifties women marry people who are already in contact with before and maybe even wished to conclude an Alliance” — quoted expert.

It is noted that late marriages are often because of legal issues-for example, long after the actual marriage.And are more sturdy because of life experience partners.

Early “Express Gazeta” wrote about the statistics of divorce in Russia. Often families break up after 5-9 years of marriage. Common reason is marriage at an early age, 20 years.