Nuclear risks have increased significantly in recent years. As reported RIA Novosti, said Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

Today, as reported by the “Rambler”, held a special session of the forum “Primakov’s reading.” Lavrov was her guest. In his speech he said that lately the situation in the sphere of security and international strategic stability openly degraded, and nuclear risks have increased significantly.

“the Reasons are obvious to all,” — says the Minister.

He called them what the United States called strategic stability and strategic rivalries of the great powers, want to defeat him and regain global dominance and to this end lead to the dismantling of the architecture of arms control.

Also the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs (MFA) of Russia has stated that within two years the United States refused pereotsenit the principle that a nuclear war should not be waged, because it can’t be winners.

“the Americans would like to blur the peremptory, and no alternative to that principle,” he said.