Electronic health record (EHR) became available to residents of the capital in mobile application “SYSTEM.INFO”. It is possible to get acquainted with the protocols of inspections, results of laboratory studies, extracts from hospitals, and to make an appointment to see the doctor and set notifications, not to forget about the visit. With gadget, you can also enter data in the “Diary of health”, said the Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova.

Muscovites can get acquainted with the protocols of the examinations of doctors from 2017, the results of laboratory tests in 2019, the results of CT, MRI, fluoroscopy 2020, extracts from hospitals from 2019 and with the data of the vaccination card of a child quotes Rakov.

In the section “Diary of health” also provided the ability to automatically load up with gadgets data about heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen level and blood sugar. These data with the patient’s consent may be available to the doctor in real time. The developers claim that all personal information and patient data is securely protected.

Wrote after the introduction of the electronic health card residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg have discovered in their personal accounts for services they did not render. As the Chairman of the Duma Committee on health Dmitry Morozov, he knows about the problems with the additions, that are actively fighting. According to him, in a few years the situation will change completely come into practice personal accounts and to ascribe to the “left” in medical services will become impossible. Such records shall be the offence that should be punished. Patients who are found in its history registry must complain to the insurance company, the health Ministry and Prosecutor’s office, said Morozov.