Delivery broken due pandemic coronavirus.

the calgary Zoo in Canada said that he can not feed two pandas, he simply nowhere to take the bamboo.

Now the animals will return back to China, according to canadian CBC radio.

Does, polirani koristuvacha @canadian_zone 12 Tra 2020 R. about 8:45 am PDT

er shun and Da Mao arrived in Canada by agreement of the two countries in 2014 and had to return to China in 2023-m Bamboo for a pair of giant pandas imported, but the pandemic COVID-19 broke the regularity of supply. At the zoo fear that the supply situation will deteriorate even more in the case of the second wave of coronavirus.

the Diet of a Panda consists almost entirely of fresh bamboo is around 40 kg per day, say at the zoo. In Canada trying to find new suppliers of this delicacy, but faced with the problems of logistics.

Giant pandas are considered a vulnerable species. According to WWF, in the wild live of all 1864 specimens.

Anna Lysenko

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