LA Galaxy midfielder Jonathan Dos Santos posted a naked photo of himself and 21-year-old Greek-Ecuadorian model Amanda Trivizas on Instagram, swiftly deleting the racy shot from his story after fans had captured the evidence.

Trivizas kissed Dos Santos’s shoulder between the sheets in the saucy photo seen by some of the former Barcelona player’s following of more than 2.3 million on the site, where Trivizas leaves little to the imagination for her audience of more than 823,000.

The Los Angeles-based model has been linked to American playboy Dan Bilzerian but said she could not talk about her relationship with the entrepreneur and claimed that he had treated her badly on her YouTube channel recently.

Jonathan Dos Santos with Amanda Trivizas 🤯

She has made no public mention of Dos Santos, who spent five years at Spanish giants Barcelona and switched to Villarreal before joining Galaxy in 2017.

The 30-year-old usually uses his social media account to highlight his taste for high fashion and post photos alongside footballer friends.


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Dos Santos had spent the day wishing former teammate Giovani dos Santos a happy birthday before his apparent mistake, including a photo of the pair together with actor and former wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Trivizas has said the “connections” she has made since moving from Miami have been her favourite thing about Los Angeles, where the 21-year-old likes to visit the mountains.

I love Wednesdays no butts about it

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She has named 56-year-old actor as her celebrity crush, explaining: “He’s so hot.”

“Right now I just smoke the occasional weed or eat edibles,” Trivizas admitted in response to a fan who asked her if she takes drugs, adding that she has had problems with becoming addicted to benzodiazepine Xanax in the past.

Bored in the house.. ask me would you rather questions 😛 @loungeunderwear ad

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In her most recent video, Trivizas gave advice on cooking during quarantine while wearing a low-cut top and shorts in her kitchen.

Dos Santos supporters responded by suggesting that the hook-up increased the chances of the international staying at Galaxy long-term, as well as confusing Trivizas with celebrity lookalike Kylie Jenner.

“If Jonathan Dos Santos really slept with Kylie Jenner, he should be named captain of the Mexican team, a national hero and his face in the photo should appear on the 500 peso bill,” wrote one, who may be disappointed to learn the true identity of his date.

The midfielder was left out of the Copa America for disciplinary reasons in 2011 but played at the 2018 World Cup and scored his first three goals for his country last year.