As explained by Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov, health providers will be able to start the season only after receiving the sanitary-epidemiological conclusions issued by the CPS, since the main condition for the opening of camps – ensuring the safety of children. The acting Director of the Federal center of youth tourism and local history Leonid Protsenko said that working children’s organizations 359 vacation. Fully summer health campaign started only on Sakhalin. In June, also opened the first organization of children’s leisure in Irkutsk and Leningrad regions, the Krasnoyarsk region and Buryatia Republic.

this year banned the parent days, it is impossible to pick up the child from camp, and then to bring it back. Representation of groups can be up to 50% of the normal number of children. On vacation accepts children only in the region of residence. This also applies to the camps of the Krasnodar territory and the Republic of Crimea.

As told to “RG” in the Ministry of social development of the Krasnodar region on July 1 will start to work 19 out of 124 camps in Krasnodar Krai, the majority of which are located in the Azov-black sea coast. The organization of rest is almost ready to receive guests, but only while waiting for the local children. During the race there will be a compulsory non-contact thermometry of each child and accompanying adult. In the rooms there is regular disinfection. Due to limitations in children’s camps had to completely change the format of leisure, in particular, to exclude the mass of the event is to gather only in small groups. Moreover, measures will be intended for children of the same squad or group. Instead of the classroom will be games in the fresh air, and instead of the trips – hikes in the territories.

In the Crimea on 1 July health campaign will begin in the International children center “Artek”. In the first summer two-week shift, he will take the 523 school students from the Crimea at the age from 8 to 17 years, reported “RG” in the press service of the camp.”Artek” is fully ready to receive children, all precautions recommended by the CPS have been met. Children will be in the sterile area, and staff throughout the shift will not be able to leave the area. Strangers in the camp will not start.

As told to “RG” in the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Crimea, July 4 and 5 in the region will open another eleven-hour camps. It is planned that this year the total camps in the region can relax to 154.5 thousand children.

on 1 July, the famous all-Russian children’s center (VDTs) “Eaglet”, located on the shore of the Black sea, 45 kilometers from Tuapse, will receive its first children after the abolition in the region of quarantine coronavirus.

P��to me, by the decision of local authorities, can come only guys from the Krasnodar region and the neighboring Republic of Adygea.

According to the Director of the center Alexander Gausa, they’ve spent training-in children during the first sessions of the year, which will be held in accordance with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor.

– During the exercise we worked out a scheme for the admission of children, providing a double health filter: control complete package of medical documentation, thermometry and primary inspection on the territory of the automobile city – sports-technical centre “Orlyonok”, the second stage – a thorough medical examination in the emergency case or the locations of the Palace of culture and sports, told Jews correspondent “RG”. And then kids go to their camps.

on Wednesday, the “Eaglet” will arrive 1768 children of Kuban and Adygea. Although there is usually a meet on 3,5 thousand children. If before the squad was 30 people, now two times less. And each specialist will only work with a particular camp. The upcoming shift will last two weeks instead of the usual three.

– We are ready to the next, the eighth shift, the previously announced from 17-18 July 6-7 August, to take people from other regions, – said the Director of VDTs. – I really hope that we can meet everyone.

this summer in children’s camps completely changed the system of admission. If earlier check-in and check-out lasted for two days, now it will happen simultaneously. And besides the usual of sanatorium-resort card, you will need the help of a clean epidokruzhenii. But help with a negative test result for coronavirus is not needed.

In the premises of the children’s camps will be organized regular disinfection. For medical staff, employees of the power supply and carpool masono-glove mode will be required.

Prepared Krasnodar

In the suburbs opening this year 56 children’s camps – and this is two times less than usual. Opened the camp in total could take 15 thousand children, and will take only 7.5 thousand this download will give you the opportunity to maintain social distance. And for the first time in many years, the area holds a summer health campaign only on its territory, not send children to the Crimea and the Krasnodar Krai. In the regional Ministry of social development claim that none of the upcoming camp vouchers not redeemed at 100 percent. Parents are still afraid to send their children to independent travelers.

learn how to comply with security children’s activities, “RG” told in the socio-recreation center “Lesnaya Polyana”, which has three camps in Volokolamsk and Klin. All the kids will come in one day, each will be examined by the doctors. In buildings and canteens, the students will host “through a” to beds and chairs have free space. All public events will take in fresh air, and if you don’t let the weather, plays, concerts, recitals and discos will be held in the Assembly hall, but then the children will divide into groups to collect the entire camp in one room. Some will dance, others to watch the show – and Vice versa. Leisure programme this year was specially rebuilt so that it was more than just the company officer, not common events. “And for group work for each unit will be assigned to your account”, – said the Director of “Forest glade” Oleg Lukin.