Sister Averina and 13 gymnasts from Russia, Israel, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan took part in the online tournament, which took place at the Palace of rhythmic gymnastics Irina Viner-Usmanova in the Luzhniki stadium.

the Competitions were held in an interesting format. The Russians were in Moscow and their foreign rivals on their home grounds. All performances were broadcast live.

Medals in senior were played in private types. Averina won three gold medals out of four. Dean won in exercises with ribbon (20,50 points) and Hoop (25,15). Arina – exercise ball (25,90). The best clubs became another Russian, Anastasia Guzenkova (24,15).

two-time absolute world champion Dina Averina was glad to be back on the carpet not only after quarantine, but after the injury suffered in the February championship of Russia before this whole pandemic coronavirus. Dean found that there were four months and four days. So to start it was scary. Rolled over bad memories, because the injury the athlete has been in this room. Not so much with the first bars of music. Albeit not all planned out, but most importantly, it’s a start.

I always appreciate yourself, but now I am glad that after four months after the injury was able to go to the site and to act. Thank you to the doctors who engaged me, and, of course, Irina Alexandrovna (Viner-Usmanova. – “RG”). We have completely redrawn all the exercises that I was comfortable to do them, – said Dean. – When the quarantine was very difficult to find incentives to work. But then Irina said that we are going to prepare a new program to invent new elements. After that I got the motivation to do something new, his eyes lit up.

Dina And Arina admitted that he was upset due to the transfer of the Olympics in Tokyo in 2021. Especially because at the moment the fate of the Games is still not defined 100 percent. The same applies to other tournaments. For example, the 2020 European championship, which originally was to be held from 21st to 24th of may in Kiev, however, due to the pandemic coronavirus was moved to the end of November. But our gymnasts continue to believe the best, to train, to please the audience, themselves and the coaches. And they are even ready to compete online. Although the big disadvantage of this format is the absence of spectators.

– it was Difficult to prepare in such a situation in the world. During a speech is also a bit unusual feel. On a normal tournament experience a completely different emotion. Without an audience is boring, – said Arina Averina. But I am happy that we began to speak, began at least some movement. On the other hand, still want to get the fans back into the stands.


Opening of the competition and addressing the participants, President of the Russian Federation of rhythmic gymnastics (WPHG) and the head coach of Russian national team Irina Viner-Usmanova said that tournaments in an online format becomes more commonplace. Now we had declared four teams, but I hope that next time we will have a large representation of countries of Europe and the world, – said Viner-Usmanova. Were all the conditions of quarantine, including us, but now we finally went to training and competition. These competitions are, I think, will be more often now. In any case, the little kids they were held for a long time, but teams in this format is not performed.