Anna Zavorotnyuk came to colouring in one of the widely advertised beauty salons. And…she burnt hair!

“Soon you see her”: the insider about Zavorotnyuk

Utterly distressed she wrote in an angry post on instagram.

“I enrolled in the painting in one of the most fashionable salons in Moscow, which is visited by many stars and public figures. After I had painted on hair, and I wrapped foil, I after a while felt that the hair in the foil is hot and said about this master, but he reassured me and said it was a common reaction. When is the last time … I sat on the chair in front of the mirror and what was my horror when I saw that more than half of my hair length kipelno white and look like a sponge. I took a strand of hair, and it stayed in my hand.”

Anna was so proud of his beautiful thick and long hair! But I had to get a haircut.

In addition, to plead guilty, the master cabin would not. Yes, in the end, to avoid scandal money Anne did not take, has suggested some remedies and treatments to restore hair, but now lost will grow back long enough.

“Dear salon owner, carefully approach the selection of their masters, because they are with their unprofessional actions compromise your salon and turn it in a beauty salon, and the salon of horror” – summed up the injured girl.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Anna Zavorotnyuk shared in Instagram a photo where you see the dimples on her cheeks.

According to her, she learned that dimples “is a genetic defect that occurs when there is insufficient length of the facial muscles”. the

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