Entomologist, doctor of biological Sciences Anatoly Zaharov has explained to the residents of the capital increased activity of mosquitoes this summer. This is due to the cancellation of restrictions imposed due to the spread of the coronavirus, he said in an interview with the “Moscow 24”.

“was self-isolation, people took to the street, and now EN masse, began to disturb the insects. And they became more active. Naturally, if the parks are increased, respectively, increased the number of mosquitoes and intensified their behavior”, — explained the expert.

According to Zakharov, the mosquito season starts in mid-may. At this time in the capital still maintained the restrictions, and what insects there was a shortage in the diet. Now they can meet their need and behave aggressively.

On 22 June it was reported that in Moscow continues to operate in mask mode. The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin reminded of this and said that the rhythm of life will come only after the gradual easing of the measures. It is noted that the city authorities will make decisions based on the analysis of the real situation and the forecasts for the development of new outbreaks of infection.

June 9 was cancelled the mode of self-isolation, and Muscovites were allowed to walk in parks and squares, also opened beauty salons. June 16, resumed the work of the summer verandas of restaurants and cafes, and zoos. 23 Jun gradually began to open restaurants and fitness centers, closed in the spring due to the spread of coronavirus infection.