After today’s incident at the Bank when a man took a hostage and demanded a meeting with Olga Buzova, it was decided to provide protection to the singer.

Olga herself has expressed willingness to meet with the offender, but by the time representatives of the power structures of the young man already tied.

Well, singing TV now will be protected by three bodyguards.

“We have strengthened the protection Oli. Now it will always be three people — they are ex-military, specially trained professionals who have completed training”, — quotes the words said the PR-Manager Buzova Anton Bogoslavsky Express Newspaper.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the man who seized the office of Alfa-Bank, called Olga Buzova via instagram to ask her a few questions, but the media personality has not responded.

The invader claimed that His something was stolen and involved in things happening outrage.