Elena Stepanenko argued with Nikolai Tsiskaridze in the next edition of the TV show “the night”.

Tsiskaridze said that materialistic and narrow-minded girls men may be interested in at a young age. But then usually comes the Epiphany, and these relationships end – report

But Elena Stepanenko with the artist disagreed.

“And after 74 years as the men are drawn to marakanam!” she said.

It was a direct hint by a young wife Yevgeny Petrosyan, for which the comedian has terminated the marriage, which lasted 33 years.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the fifth wife of Yevgeny Petrosyan Tatiana Brukhanova called his predecessor Elena Stepanenko “exotic” fourth wife of the humorist.

So a young companion of the artist on his page on Instagram has responded to the allegations in the destruction of his family.