Buyers of apartments in Moscow have become more modest

In the Moscow market of new buildings of comfortclass maintained the trend of the reduction in the average area of apartments sold in the first quarter of 2020, this figure fell by another 1.5 per cent to 58-59 square meters, follows from the materials of the Agency “NDV-real Estate Supermarket”, arrived in edition “”.

In the segment of housing business-class customers, according to the observations of analysts, not become more modest: the average area of apartments stable at 73 square meters. In the suburbs, he also is not changed, at about 51-52 per square meter.

according to experts, decrease in the average area of apartments sold is more characteristic of the New Moscow, where the trend from the end of 2018. So, in comfortclass, it dropped from 56.8 per square meter in January 2019 to 52.3 square meters in the first quarter of 2020.

“This trend is due to the constant rise in housing prices, which many buyers are forced to give preference in favor of more affordable and compact options”, — explained in the “NDV”.

Earlier in April, the Russians predicted life in the micro flat. According to experts, due to the current crisis in Russia, provoked by a coronavirus pandemic and the fall of the ruble, the purchasing power of the population will fall, but demand for housing will remain. So in the coming years, demand in the country will use the housing with the smallest area.