the fact that the actual regulations, in connection with the regulatory guillotine loses force from January 1, 2021. To such transportation is not left without rules, the Ministry of transport has developed the new decree, which shall enter into force on this date.

Recall that the current rules establish requirements for drivers, buses and chaperones, and the order of filing. For several years they were refined and improved. The result is a working document. Yes, it was a lot of complaints from educational institutions, they say, is too difficult to arrange such transportation. However, experience has shown that when organized the transportation of children has not yet been any fatal accidents. So that such excessive organization just acceptable.

Therefore, the current Ministry of transport document is left without corrections. Recall that it requires the age of the buses used for such transportation: it should not exceed 10 years from the date of issue. It was dissatisfied with many carriers as well as regional authorities. Because compliance with this requirement, you must upgrade the fleet, and organized transportation of groups of children is not so often demanded. Therefore, the document provides for deferral: until June 30, 2021, inclusive, you may use buses older than 10 years, if only they were technically sound and all seats include seat belts.