the British newspaper the Times revealed the details of the construction of superyachts REV Ocean, which will serve as a research and expedition vessel for study of the oceans and the environment.

Superyacht with a length of 182 metres built by order of the Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Recke (Kjell Inge R√łkke), one of the richest citizens of their country. According to The Times, the vessel will be established eight laboratories equipped with scientific equipment worth 20 million pounds (1.7 billion). In addition, REV Ocean will be equipped with a unique system of trawl fishing, which allows you to collect samples without damaging them. Also it will be on the submarine for three people and a robot to explore the bottom at depths up to 6500 meters.

the article says that scientists will be able within the third year free use of the vessel. Recke intends to invite to work on REV Ocean each year, about 400 experts which will study the possibilities of protecting oceans from climate change, overfishing and plastic waste. Another third year, the vessel will be involved in the expedition, the rest of the time for private purposes.

Since last year, REV Ocean is at the shipyards in Norway, where it continues to equip the necessary equipment. Delivery to the customer is scheduled for 2021, although the initial commissioning planned for 2020.