specialists of the Institute the Institute for Fiscal studies in the UK conducted a survey which revealed that the number of deaths due COVID-19 in the country may vary significantly depending on the ethnicity of the infected.

As noted in the commentary to the study, the highest mortality is observed among blacks, who came from the Caribbean region.

“the Number of deaths in hospitals per capita in connection with COVID-19 most among the black population, immigrants from Caribbean countries,” write the researchers. Excerpts from the document quoted by the Agency RIA Novosti.

the death rate among this group is three times higher than among the white population of the United Kingdom. The rate among other groups the black population is higher than the average in the country twice.

Experts attribute it to several economic and social factors, and health status of those infected. Also different population densities in different cities.

Earlier, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the Kingdom has passed the peak incidence COVID-19.

“We have passed the peak incidence of coronavirus in the UK and are on a downward slope… next week will be presented a detailed plan for the recovery of the economy and the resumption of educational institutions”, – said the Prime Minister.