Promoter Eddie Hearn is going in July to return to the world of professional Boxing at the highest level. He unveiled the plan, according to which in July and August will hold in his manor near London a few big shows. The crown series will be the battle for the title of interim world champion under the version of world Boxing Council (WBC) among the most popular Russian boxer Alexander Povetkin and Briton Gilliana white, which was held on may 2, but was cancelled due to pandemic coronavirus.Among the main sports news last weekend was the news that appeared thanks to the head of the promotion company Matchroom Boxing Eddie Hiro. Hearn, who works with a number of global superstars, including, for example, the unofficial king of super heavyweight Anthony Joshua, and in recent years enjoyed great influence, announced his intention within two months to return to the world of professional Boxing at the highest level. The announcement followed soon after released by the British Board of control Boxing recommendations. According to them, from July in the UK can be arranged Boxing tournaments, but with severe restrictions, and, of course, in closed stands.Plan Eddie Hearn, however, generally does not involve the use of their stadium show. Hearn told the Daily Mail that he would give them under the garden of his estate in Brentwood, Mascalls North-East of London. Currently, it temporarily located the office of Matchroom Boxing. The promoter gave to understand that the “picture” of fighting in the open air will look much more spectacular than if they were in front of empty stands: “Just imagine — summer, the brightly lit house in the distance, one Canada square Wharf, and in the sky — fireworks…,” Eddie Hearn said that the garden will be installed the ring built locker rooms for the combatants, and training camp for athletes just before a battle suit in the nearest hotel.The promoter explained to the BBC that, according to his estimates, the cost of the project unprofitable, but “designed to keep up the earlier pace,” will be measured “seven-digit” figures. At the same time from £25 thousand to £30 thousand Matchroom Boxing will be spent on testing people related to the show, coronavirus. Eddie Hearn, did not hide that he was inspired by UFC, a major promotion in mixed martial arts, regularly organizes tournaments in smartuser limitations Florida suggests that on each of the evenings will gather about 90 people.In total he expects to make in July—August for four shows. They will broadcast the TV channel Sky — including using drones. Will start this kind of series shows, Central to which will be the battle for the title of champion of great Britain between representatives�� lightest weight Terry Harper and Natasha Jonas. And for Russia a series of extremely relevant due to intended Hinnom climax. It will end in the evening, the headliners of which will be Russian and British heavyweight Alexander Povetkin and Dillian white. Originally they were supposed to fight may 2, but the pandemic suffered a collision indefinitely.We are talking about extremely important for Povetkin, who, judging by television and Internet ratings, remains the most popular domestic boxer of the event. 40-year-old fighter last year returned to the ring after a heavy defeat by Joshua, and operations on the injured elbow, but in matches against two high level boxers Briton Hughie fury and American Michael hunter showed that it still has not lost the form. Despite the fact that the fight Povetkin with hunter ended in a draw, world Boxing Council gave him the next game champion status, albeit with a caveat. It is at stake will stand the title of interim champion of the WBC, that is, in fact, the applicant for the full title they are now owned by Briton Tyson fury in February nokautirovav American Deontay Wilder.Opponent Alexander Povetkin is also a very notable character. Gillian white, to compatriot Tyson fury and Anthony Joshua, is perhaps the frontman of the squad heavyweights, waiting for the chance to fight for the title. 32-year-old white, athletic in the Prime of life, held in 28 professional fights and has suffered only one defeat in 2015, he was overcome by Joshua, then gets to the top of the hierarchy of categories. Before and after this match, Dillian white did — and generally convincing — a lot of strong opponents, like Robert Helenius, Joseph Parker, Lucas brown, Mariusz wach. Classification of the best heavyweights of the resource BoxRec Povetkin and white are close: the Russians, in fifth position, the Briton in the seventh.Alex Armor