a Couple of nudists from the English town of Poole, Dorset, staged a Nude wedding, which was attended by 40 guests with no clothes on. This publication reports The Mirror.

the 59-year-old Nigel Seymour (Nigel Seymour) and 30-year-old nurse Rachel (Rachel) — members of the British club nudists. They met in 2017, while playing table tennis on a Greek island. Six months later, Nigel asked Rachel to offer naked in front of 400 strangers at the event of the club of nudists.

In June 2019, the pair has celebrated a wedding where all the participants were in the Nude. “Our naked wedding was a great idea: I don’t have to spend a thousand pounds (89.3 thousand) on a wedding dress,” said Rachel.

the event was attended by friends and relatives of the couple, although some chose to decline the invitation, as participation in events for nudists — not for them. Guests had to carry only a towel and sunblock.

Rachel’s Father, 74-year-old Harvey Allen (Harvey Allen) was the official photographer at the ceremony. He captured the happy couple and guests when they sunbathed, played tennis, swam and ate snacks in the cafeteria in the Nude.

After the wedding the couple went on a honeymoon in the largest naturist village in cap D’agde in the South of France.

Nigel said introduced because of the coronavirus strict isolation made the couple miss the days when they will be able to participate in nudist activities. “We really want to go and swim naked. We love nakedness. No matter how you look, what you size, color and what you do: everyone’s equal when they’re naked, nobody judges you,” he explained.

Earlier it was reported that the epidemic coronavirus infection nudists had to switch from personal communication to video conferencing. The transition to remote work allowed them to dress up even in the workplace, and it’s not the only advantage, which they called: isolation without clothes allows you to spend less on washing time and effort.