Saturday and Sunday hosted seven matches of the 26th round of the championship in Germany actually opened the football season in Europe after the long interruption caused by the pandemic coronavirus. Played almost all the leaders of the Bundesliga, with the exception of Bayer, to meet with Werder on Monday. Very powerful out of the quarantine Borussia Dortmund, the defeat in the Ruhr Derby “Schalke 04” — 4:0. But Bayern after victory over the “Union” with the account 2:0 has managed to keep chetyrehochkovym superiority over its closest pursuer.Of course, the restart of the championship of Germany became the main sports event of the last days, and truly global scale. For the first time, more than two-month pause due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus has been restarted so large and popular football tournament, which naturally aroused great interest. “The whole world is now looking at Germany,— said the chief coach of “Bavaria” Hans-Dieter flick on the official website of the club. We can serve as an example for other leagues. Maybe then there will be the return of all sports.”The return of the Bundesliga passed, of course, with all sorts of precautions. First of all, of course, conspicuous empty stands, while the TV during the broadcast carefully tried to hide this ugly side postpandemic football. However, the match officials have decided to dispense with additional sound effects, imitating the noise of the fans. Only a goal was accompanied by pompous music, which somehow emphasized the solemnity of the moment. So in General, the entourage was unusually dull for the championship of Germany, traditionally the leader in attendance in Europe. For example, this season to coronavirus in average it amounted to almost 41 thousand spectators. Particularly affected are the famous Ruhr Derby in Dortmund, where in normal times the opposition to the “Borussia” and “Shalke” in the arena Signal Iduna Park certainly would have collected a full house — more than 80 thousand fans.By the way, the head coach of Dortmund club Lucien Favre has specially invited a psychologist to help you correctly configure the players in a new environment. According to him, the match without spectators, in the absence of any reaction on the actions of participants require special training. As shown, Borussia really was able to ignore the external circumstances and after the final whistle the players as if nothing had happened complied with standard ritual and applauded imaginary fans. On the other hand, Dortmund are actually surprisingly good, we were ready for the League resumption. In the first half they started to break Schalke, which, in turn, apparently too deeply Izol��has been shown in the quarantine and looked restrizioni. The hosts kept up the pace and vigorously pressed. On the state team are not affected even very sensitive the loss of Midfielders Axel Witsel, Emre Jana and defender Dana Axel Sagada injured in the first training after a long stay at home. The score was opened by 19-year-old Erling of Holland, who scored ten ball nine matches of the national championship and, apparently, is going to score. In addition, distinguished Rafael Guerreiro who scored twice, and Torhan Azar.Despite fears that the commands in the majority will be far from their best form and this will lead to implementation problems, the 26-th round of the championship of Germany turned out to be quite effective. Only in the meeting, “fortune”—”Paderborn” failed to print the gate. In addition to Dortmund “Borussia” major victory “Gerta”, which has dealt with Hoffenheim with 3:0. And Berliners too hot celebrated the goals contrary to the regulations of the German football Union, which has banned players hugging and kissing on the field. But in this round it was possible to notice and other violations — in particular, many trainers have not kept a mask mode.Meanwhile, the clubs actively used innovation, allowing five substitutions. So, in matches of Eintracht Frankfurt vs Borussia mönchengladbach and “Cologne” with “Mainz” was made all ten. It is curious that the same “Gert” in the 79th minute already made a triple substitution. However, often due to the abundance of permutations of the game were shattered and had acquired the character of a rather training sparring, and the result of this mess is not particularly affected. Note also that in the championship of Germany has not abandoned the VAR, although the international football Federation was allowed to disable this option in the new conditions of the competition. In the end, VAR just saved one of the leaders of the Bundesliga Leipzig from the embarrassment in the home game against Freiburg, abolishing the goal of the guests at the end literally over a millimetric offside. Otherwise, the owners would suffer a bitter defeat, despite the fact that possessed a noticeable competitive advantage and created a lot of chances. However, a draw — 1:1 — “Leipzig” is also not very satisfied, because it has pushed back from third place, ahead by one point, Borussia mönchengladbach, which surely beat out “Eintracht” — 3:1.But the head of the standings, Bayern have kept a social distance at four points from Borussia Dortmund, located in the second position. They stayed in Berlin at the “Union” and a few looked tough in his first match after the quarantine, but the class was a success. First, Robert Lewandowski clearly took a penalty, scored the 26th goal of the season, and then Benjamin PAVA�� scored on a corner kick.Alexander Ilyin