Looks like the Board finally decided to consolidate its status as the “Queen of secular scandals”. Now no day is complete without a new showdown. Then she swears with Tina Kandelaki protects goof Regina Todorenko, and now get to Victoria Boni.

Sobchak did not like the statements of ex-member “House-2” about the global conspiracy, chipping and danger of the towers 5G.

As usual, not choosing expressions, Sobchak called the Bony “stupid blogersha”. Ksenia explained that in the era of freedom of speech and open access to knowledge most of these knowledge was no more, but “became more militant ignorance”, which distributes lzheteorii.

Victoria to remain silent did not. She immediately slapped Xenia retaliatory slap, saying that running for stylists with photo, Bonnie and asks her to do the same way, even though she blocked her Instagram.

– Sobchak has blocked me, but apparently runs from the left of the pages, watching me, otherwise I would not have come to my stylists with my photos and did not ask them to do the same. Makeup artists she is calling as soon as I post a photo or video. Then asked to just make up, showing my photo. Haunts her “stupid blogger of “House-2”. Let’s turn to this policy so that our interests are defended meanwhile, thanks to the resources of their parents defends the interests of his business in the courts!

Bonia has repeatedly said that Sobchak believes her a fool, but it spends a lot of effort and energy to fight with her. For example, when Bonia moved to Monaco, Sobchak, according to Victoria, arranged against her secular conspiracy, offering to her friends of her branding.

Bonya sure that Sobchak – envious person that constantly needs someone to humiliate and insult. They called it the Buzzard, which must be allergic to beautiful women.

Sobchak, after reading this post (despite the fact that Bonia in her unit), wrote in his Telegram canal that it was “the icing on the cake” of the global terror that is going on in her life. Well, because she asked for it…