Moscow authorities opened a service extending the digital passes for travel to work after completion of the digital platform

As reported in his blog, the mayor Sergei Sobyanin, this can be done in a simplified manner. For convenience, all previously issued until 30 April working passes will be valid until may 4, inclusive. If a person plans to use this pass on, until may 4, it is necessary to extend the pass or make a new one. It will be on 11 may (inclusive). Amendments to the decree of the mayor on digital badges.

To continue movement on the basis of official identification, including using an alpha-numeric code that do not need to provide additional information, or to change previously submitted, with the exception of cases when such information require updating.

Changes were made owners of cars with foreign numbers, which has issued a digital badge before April 30th. 1 to 4 may, they must report additional information on the official website of the Moscow Mayor (if there is a registration in personal Cabinet). The procedure of registration of digital passes for single trips on vehicles registered in Russia, remains the same. You can get them twice a week and for travel to medical facilities and volunteer activities — every day. It is not allowed to travel within the territory of the capital on transport, which is not included in the registry. To administrative responsibility for violation will attract owners of cars.

To issue a pass, as before, free in three ways: online, via SMS or by phone. To generate a digital pass on the portal you log in, choose the corresponding service, enter the required details and submit the application. If access to the portal, you can send SMS with special format to number 7377 or call unified information service of the government of Moscow on: +7 (495) 777-77-77. Digital pass, you need to save (to take a screenshot on the phone, to email, print or record on paper) and take with them when moving around the town. Also, you need to have an identity card.

To check and bind the transport card “Troika” to a digital pass to use on the website “Moscow transport”.

Earlier, a source familiar with the preparation of the corresponding order of the city administration, NSN said that the digital pass in Moscow, received by courtesy of the city Department of information technology lists from organizations will be automatically extended until 12 may. The requirement to match the first four numbers of the code the expiry date of the pass is cancelled.

You will not need to renew an alphanumeric code and the staff of institutions and organizations, which are themselves designed it on the website for the purpose of “travel with official identity”. Those employees of organizations who self-designed the code for the type of “Digital pass for work” necessary to extend its effect until 4 may.