The former star of “House-2” nearly got stuck in the car.

Television presenter Victoria Bonia instadia currently resides in Monaco with his daughter Angelina and ex-husband Alex Servicom in the neighborhood. The former star of “House-2” travels extensively through Europe and she had trouble on the road, which the girl told its subscribers in Instagram.

On the road in Monaco Bonia stopped in one of the cities. The road is unfamiliar, the girl was not afraid for her to go, but suddenly the band began to shrink. On the sides of trails, stone walls, and in the end the machine open the side mirrors are unable to fit in the remaining opening, and the Soot stuck.

“It was very scary, and I don’t remember the last time I ever afraid of something. My heart was flying just” – shared instadia.

Publish from VICTORIA BONYA (@victoriabonya) 15 Jul 2020 4:39 PDT

The girl stopped, looked around the hatch on the roof of the car, I decided to fold the side mirrors. Millimeter by millimeter she slowly began to move and was able to overcome the bottleneck. As a result, first Bonia was shocked and scared at first, then laughed non-stop.

“By the way, the first time I scratched the car! Usually in all of my accidents have always been to blame third parties”, – concluded the story of Victoria.