Actress amber heard spoke about the attempts of her ex-husband actor johnny Depp in the urine to write her name inside the house. The intimate details of their life together became known at the trial in the libel case.

As writes the Mirror, the story heard told former super Depp Ben king. Now king appeared in court as a witness. According to men, the actress allegedly told him that her husband pee first outside and then inside.

He was trying to write my name in urine on the walls and carpet as he walked through the house, said Hurd.

The witness said that, when I went to their house, no traces of urine he found. He also said that he often saw them fighting and how Hurd was trying to provoke Depp and how she was drinking two bottles of wine for the evening. King compared them conflicts with the “fight school.”

Wrote, hearings on the suit of actor johnny Depp his ex-wife actress amber heard on 7 July in London. Depp wants to recover from the ex-wife compensation in the amount of $50 million, He accuses the woman of narcissism, sociopathy and lies, and also believes that public scandals that turned their marriage had a negative impact on his career.

Previously johnny Depp during a trial between him and his ex-wife, learned that the wife had a Threesome with Rasah founder Elon Musk and model Cara Delevingne. The famous role of Captain Jack Sparrow was furious because of this information and promised to cut off businessman “dignity.” Depp also called the Mask of “molluscum”.