At the Moscow real estate development market may be a new party: the son of the Deputy of the state Duma of the “United Russia” Anton Zharkov will build a residential complex in district Bogorodskoe in the East of Moscow, and is considering the acquisition of several plots. Zharkov, Sr., was one of the developers of the law on renovation, and a portion of the space in the new complex will depart to the city for the relocation of residents. Perhaps, say market participants, which is why the company managed to get permission for high density development.The family of the Deputy Anton Zharkov build the plot of 0.6 hectares in the 3rd Civil street, 35 in the East of Moscow, follows from the data register. The land was owned by the company “energostroyinvest”, and its beneficiary is listed as the son of Mr. Egor Zharkov. To contact him, “b” failed.In March the Bank “House.Russia” announced about the agreement for the “Energostroyinvest” project financing in the amount of RUB 3.3 billion in the Developer approved the project of construction of 19-storey residential building at 474 apartments and underground Parking for 145 places. The total area is 49 sq m and the living — 28.6 thousand sq. m. it is Expected that construction work will begin in the end of 2020 and be completed by 2023.Part of apartments the developer would give the city for resettlement under the program of renovation — this may be related to the high density of the project, which managed to obtain the “Energostroyinvest”, according to the interlocutors “Kommersant” at the market. In the usual case, the density would be lower — about 30 thousand square meters of the land area.Anton Zharkov is part of the faction “United Russia”, as well as in the state Duma Committee on transport and construction. He was elected to the Parliament from the Eastern administrative district, and was also one of the developers of the Federal law on the renovation.Another source “b” knows that the ultimate beneficiary of the plot in the 3rd Civil street is Anton Zharkov, but to find confirmation of this failed. Other development projects the MP and his family in Moscow, Kommersant’s sources haven’t heard, but one of them adds that according to him, the structures close to the family of Mr. Zharkov, now considering the purchase of several plots.Of information to entities that belong to Anton Zarkovo torgtsentrov in his native Magnitogorsk. He also was among the five MPs with the highest income reported RBC in 2017: then mister Zharkov has declared RUB 296 mln In the last Declaration, for 2018, it follows that the income of the Deputy fell to 111 million rubles. Partner of Colliers International Vladimir Sergunin estimates the cost of site “Energostroyinvest” about 1 billion rubles, and the potential revenue from the sale of apartments — in 5-6 billion rubles., depending on the quality of construction. The average cost of housing in the complex could reach 190 thousand rub. for 1 sq. m, suggests the consultant. Director of consulting and Analytics Knight Frank Olga Shirokova notes that the project will be low competition: now in the district there are only two buildings of comfortclass, which sells about 300 apartments with an average cost of 1 sq m at the level of 200 thousand rubles. the Previous construction in Sochi was accompanied by scandals: some of the houses were built in 2010-ies violations on the territory of the dumping of toxic waste. At Knight Frank we hope that the image of the district in the future will be improved: the city is currently reorganizing the industrial Park “Red hero”, and soon there will be a new residential and public and business buildings.Elizaveta Makarova