the Three largest U.S. airlines — American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines — will not force passengers to wear masks on Board. This was reported by Reuters with reference to the rules for employees of air carriers.

So, these American airlines informed its employees that passengers may be denied boarding of the aircraft in the absence of the mask. Ensure the wearing of remedy inside the plane “becomes more difficult”, says the Agency.

the Pilots of American Airlines said that a passenger already on Board, a rule to wear a protective covering for the face becomes softer. The flight attendant may convey information about the necessity of wearing a mask, but not to force.

the airline representative Joshua freed said that American Airlines, like other U.S. airlines to require passengers wearing masks on Board the plane, and compliance are ensured at the point of the gate.

United Airlines also noted that the issues that relate to non-compliance with passenger requirements, will be considered in the gate. However, on Board the aircraft, flight attendants are advised to use “skills de-escalation”, if it will be necessary to reseat passengers. Delta Air Lines announced that it adheres to the same approach.

in addition, all three airlines provide a number of exceptions in the rule to wear a protective product. For example, when talking about young children or people with certain medical conditions. Also permitted the removal of masks during a meal or drinks.

Earlier consultancy SimpliFlying describe future changes in air travel after the pandemic coronavirus. So, the process of checking in for flights may be completely non-contact, and on Board the crew members begin to leave pockets standing in front of empty seats will give passengers Antibacterials and menus in digital format, and conduct separate training on sanitary standards. In addition, the health of passengers will be thoroughly checked.