The leadership of the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov decided to remove the performances of Konstantin Bogomolov’s “The Ideal Husband” and “The Karamazovs”from the repertoire. The director announced this on his Facebook page.

“This is an important message for all my friends — and everyone who cares about these two performances. “The Ideal Husband”, according to the decision of the Moscow Art Theater management, will be played on September 8 and 13 for the last time. “Karamazovs”, it seems, will still be in November. That’s all, ” the director wrote. — I am sure that many of you will want to say goodbye to these important performances for me and, I hope, not only for me.”

In his post, Bogomolov also thanked the former artistic director of the institution Oleg Tabakov for the opportunity to realize productions on the stage of the theater: “Special thanks to Oleg Pavlovich. He did everything to ensure that sold-out productions live happily ever after to this day.”

“Bogomolov just didn’t have enough money”;: Sadalsky commented on Sobchak’s resonant post

To date, the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov is headed by Sergey Zhenovach, who took up the post in 2018-after the death of Tabakov. Bogomolov himself is now the artistic director of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya.