Recently Oksana Samoilov wrote that he created four business project so she implemented energy during a family crisis.

In particular, she reported that one of the projects will become very popular because it will help many to become beautiful, well-groomed and happy.

And offered his readers a “guide”, where, according to her, gathered all the beauty tricks that she tried out for myself and collected over several years. These recommendations can be obtained for 400 rubles.

Kate Kanazawa, a well-known blogger, in his next video said that it literally filled up with complaints of strange product offered by Oksana.

Kate for the sake of experiment she has acquired this “guide”. The result was a thorough and angry parsing “25 pages of PDF”.

She believes that Samoilov under the guise of exclusive information says that either all know, or easily find on the Internet.

And besides, Kanazawa suggests that its recommendations may be hidden advertising of cosmetic products.

Katya also found a lot of ambiguous advice that might, in its opinion, be harmful.

Kanazawa calculated that on unsuspecting young girls, especially provincial, spouse Dzhigan could make good money.

According to the blogger, at least 5 million rubles – for 25 pages of text “made on the knee”.

“Hyde Oksana is shaped mockery of the audience. Information on type of what is in my makeup bag” – summed up Kanazawa.

As previously wrote “the Rambler” Samoilova said that he is very proud of its achievements — one of her companies and she, along with her “became the resident of “SKOLKOVO innovation center”, the second project, remained convinced that the girl must be widely disseminated because “it will help everyone become healthier.”