Lost vision star of Soviet cinema 79-year-old Valentina Malyavina, who lives in the house-a boarding house for veterans of science of RAS, almost did not take any of the old friends and colleagues. However, this decision is not her such a hard position was taken by the elder sister of actress Tatiana, which is supported by the personnel, say friends.

According to the actor Alexander Zaytsev, he was visiting a friend in the beginning of the two thousandth, but then the meetings stopped.

Yes, Wali good conditions, but it’s sad to look at her. It’s like a plant, it only gets worse, — quotes its StarHit

Now Malvinas helps Irina Miroshnichenko, which from time to time arrives at a boarding house, said the actress Eleonora Shashkova. While itself it is not allowed to enter even once, although there were attempts, she said.

Does not understand the meaning of the ban and the actor Alexander Pyatkov. In his opinion, access to the former movie star is closed for a reason. But the true motives can only be guessed.

Can doctors believe, saying that she can not worry. And excessive information is harmful. Plus, she is constantly taking medication. And perhaps it is necessary for someone, — said the artist.

However, there are other versions of why Malyavina leads a reclusive lifestyle. According to her colleagues, Boris Bachurin, the actress sensitive and proud nature, so she would be unable to accept any help from friends. However, realizing her situation, would be unable to resist such proposals.

Last time, according to Bachurin, he met with his friend, when she has lost sight. She knew him only by his voice. Already at that time many who knew her, was myself.

In recent years, Valentina Malyavina only once told about himself. In 2018 in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1” she confessed that she still remembers her ex husband — theater and film actor Alexander zbrueva.

I do appreciate the talent, and then the mind. I love talented people. Took them off because it turned out, — has told then the actress.

Zbruev was the first husband of Malvinas, but they broke up over her affair with Director Pavel Arsenova. However, many years later, the actor said he doesn’t hold a grudge on her first great love. However, he has not visited her in the boarding house, stating that he wants to remember her young and beautiful.

Colleagues at the Vakhtangov theatre Malyavin remembered as a talented actress. However, nearly everyone regrets that her life was very difficult. Her second marriage also broke up because of complicated relations in the family and beyond. To have children and did not work. And some great relationships with actor Stanislav Zhdanko in one of the most crisis periods of Actresses ended with his death. Men�� was stabbed to death in 1978. At first the death was deemed suicide, but five years later Malyavin was sentenced to nine years. In 1988 he released under the Amnesty, but even years later he insisted on his innocence.

After prison she was able to return to work in theater and film. In 1993 she was awarded the title of Honored artist of Russia. However, in personal life, she continues to be plagued with failures: one man relationship not working, the other was killed on the street. The actress became increasingly to be in the wrong for it companies. One of the dubious friends once pushed her. Due to injuries in 2001, Malyavina and lost his sight.

The last time she appeared on screen back in 2000, performing a cameo role in the TV series “Editorial Board.” However, the audience the star of Soviet cinema will be remembered for such films as “the King stag”, “First date”, “Ivan’s childhood” and others.

Earlier talked about the details of the murder of the civil husband of Malvinas, for which she was sent to prison. Similar cases in the life of popular people, actually, are not uncommon.