A nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation was held without serious violations, very transparent and legitimate. This was stated on Thursday, the experts at the press-conference in TASS.

The head of the coordination Council of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation on public control over the voting Maxim Grigoriev said that the scope of public surveillance was unprecedented. The voting process is observed 526 584 observers, from 1 602 organization.

"From more than half a million observers, who represent a cross-section of civil society, we can confidently say about the ultimate transparency of the voting process and the absence of irregularities that put into question its results", – said Grigoriev.

Member of the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights (HRC) Alexander Brod said that there were reports of ballot box stuffing, particularly resonant was the case in St. Petersburg, where on the Svetlanovsky prospectus observers reported ballot stuffing in a portable ballot box, the powers of two members of the PEC was terminated on the case are checking the law enforcement agencies.

"But I must say that most of the allegations of ballot box stuffing was not confirmed", – said Ford.

The Chairman of the Association "Independent public monitoring" (MR.) Alexander Tochenov, said the absence of violations, questioning the legitimacy of the public voting. He noted that minor violations were, "but it’s the little speck in the background of all the voting" he said. Chairman of the movement "Body "clean elections", Executive Director MR. Alain Bulgakov, in turn, said that in the situation centre Association received more than 52 thousand messages, the vast majority were informational in nature, reports of possible violations received about 512. After checking through public observers and mobile groups they are applied to the map messages on the portal "НОМ24". Bulgakov noted that the evidence found about 33 messages. She also added that it was observed about 100 fakes that were worn, in most cases, intentional and unintentional, from ignorance of certain procedures involved in the process.

"Today we are talking about what is really the voting was legitimate, openly with the support of a large community observation", – said Bulgakov.

the Impression of foreign experts

The Deputy of the chamber of deputies of the Italian Parliament Paolo Grimoldi noted that he remained "very positive" impression from visits to precinct election commissions.

"In General, all bylo is in all 70 areas that we visited," he said. Grimaldi told that in the evening he had the opportunity to talk with ordinary people who shared with him the opinion about the result. "We saw that a lot of people voted "for" said the observer.

Member of the European Parliament hélène Laporte said that "was under the impression from sanitary Protocol, which is used in Russia: just when somewhere to come, get gloves, masks, they measure temperature, social distancing is observed, the ballot boxes when they arrive, people can enter the newsletter electronically".

"Is a new health regulations in many countries could follow the example of Russia," said Laporte.

A nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution ended on the territory of Russia at 21:00 GMT on Wednesday. Primary election day – July 1, however, the Russians could vote in the period from 25 to 30 June. This was done to counter the spread of coronavirus infection. The counting of votes is carried out for all seven days of the vote. According to the law, the amendments entered into force, they must support more than half of the taken part in the vote, the turnout is not set.

According to the CEC, after processing 100% of protocols of amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation supported 77,92% of voters, opposed by of 21.27%. Overall turnout, according to the latest data, amounted to 67,97%.