dark-skinned American actress and producer viola Davis gave himself on the birthday of former slave plantation. She announced this in his Twitter account.

In honor of the 55th anniversary of the star “Workers” bought a house on a former plantation in southern California it was born and raised artist. The news of the purchase, she was accompanied by the Cherokee saying: “I Wish you to live long enough to find out why you were born”.

Earlier in August, canadian actor and producer Ryan Reynolds, who played a major role in the film “Deadpool”, admitted that he regretted the wedding of a former slave plantation. “Then my wife just took this place as a picture from Pinterest. Now we see that it is built on a devastating tragedy,” Reynolds said.

In 2012 the actor married actress Blake lively. The holiday was on a plantation Boone Hall, located in the southern United States. According to the actor, his wife still tormented conscience because of the choice of venue for the ceremony.